Hi, I’m Lauren.

I knew I was artistic from a very young age. Always making, inventing, and problem-solving. Through the years, I began to pursue my creative talent and coupled it with my fascination with communicating through words. The marriage of the two lead me to study advertising in college. From there, I was able to thrive as a graphic designer and marketing coordinator for the City of Frisco in the Public Library for 4 years. For over 10 years, I’ve produced freelance work for a variety of businesses and nonprofits.

I’m a creative individual with the mind of a strategic marketer and advertiser. I enjoy creating communication  solutions through design that speak to the target audience and benefit the organization. I’m a fast learner, detail oriented, and perpetually curious.  I’m a conceptual thinker and keep the big picture in mind while completing projects.

I live in Denton, Texas with my husband and two daughters.